His parent gave him a name Wan Amsyar Zawir, son of the Wan Mohd Soffie and Sharifah Azirah binti Syed Ghazali. He was born in Arau, Perlis. Wan Amsyar went to SMK Dato 'Sheikh Ahmad in the Science Stream stream and then continued his studies to Malacca Matriculation College majoring in Accounting Program. Hence, he extended his studies at the Public University of Malaysia Perlis in the field of Bachelor of New Media Communication, thus achieving CGPA: 3.5.

Wan Amsyar has interests in thse field of Illustration, Photography, and Videography and has hobbies such as sketching, reading forums and playing video games. His interest in the field is capable of driving Wan Amsyar who aspires to become a successful Freelancer in Design. His passion for achieving his dream can be verified with award received in Innovation Awards. His feeling upon receiving award can be felt when he says "A surprise to be sure but a welcome one, did not get any nomination for any award in UniMAP during when I was a student, let alone receiving it. I did not expect that I could reach this level without my family, lecturers and friends who helped me on my 3 years of journey as a UniMAP student ".

Some of the tips that Wan Amsyar would like to share with us is do not expect the lecturers to teach you everything, sometimes you have to explore on your own. This is true especially for technical subject such as Graphic Design, Video Production and Animation. Hence, Youtube is a good teacher to learn new things about Adobe software on your own. There are plenty of Youtubers out there who taught him tons of new things, here are his recommendations:

Dansky - Graphic design
Draw with Jazza - Animation
Peter McKinnon - Videography
Mattias Burling - Photography
Tony & Chelsea Northrup - Photography
Photoshop Training Channel - Self-explanatory.

Next is do not be afraid to experiment with new things. Lastly, help your friends in the field which you are good at. Now, Wan Amsyar is pursuing full time as freelancer. Hope we all wish him a good luck.


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