Written By : Syathirah Hanim Azman

Welcoming Everyone to IKOM OPEN DAY!

Hello and Hi! Since Graduation Day is getting nearer, IKOM has organised an event call “IKOM OPEN DAY”. Everyone are invited to the event as you are going to enjoy lots of activities either indoor or outdoor.

  • 26TH OCTOBER 2018
  • 00 am- 6.00 pm

This event is being held to welcome the senior who are graduated for the year and act as a “HOMECOMING EVENT” for them. This day are going to be the best day to create beautiful memories together with friends, seniors and also lecturers.

There are going to be lots of activities such as:

  • Food Truck
  • E Game
  • Fearless Factor
  • Ramen-Challenge
  • Karaoke
  • Busking
  • Prelove Item
  • Photography Class
  • Makeup Class

So what you guys are waiting for? Let’s join and don’t miss your chance to have fun, meeting your alumni, and gain a new experience. Who knows it is your lucky day to win something? Yeayyyy. Let’s take a break for a day from your assignment and presentation.



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